The Hydraclean Engineering Division has been installing and maintaining cold water storage tanks and other equipment since the 1990s.

Our engineers are excellent at what they do. We are proud of our reputation for first-class service delivery.

Water Tanks

The removal, replacement and installation of cold water storage tanks. From 50 litres in capacity to 90,000 litres (as shown). We offer the following repairs:

  • Insect screens to overflow to prevent ingress to the tank.
  • Insulation to reduce the effects of heat gain.
  • Lid vents to ensure that air circulates above the water storage to reduce organic growth.
  • Float valves to improve the turnover of water in tanks that may be oversized.

These remedial measures help reduce the risk of legionella growth by minimising the nutrients available to the bacteria and help to keep the cold water storage below 20 degrees. In some poorly designed tanks, it may also be necessary to improve the cross flow of water across the unit and therefore the quality of water in the tank by

  • Fitting float valves
  • Moving the inlet opposite the outlet
  • Fitting a sparge pipe to outlet inside the tank.

Where tanks are in such poor condition that they cannot be upgraded or it may be deemed too costly to upgrade, a replacement tank is cheaper. We always seek the best replacements for location, consumption and access.

Hot and Cold Mains Conversions

Water mains conversions solve energy efficiency, storage and space problems as well as reducing the risk of stagnation.

Effectively a mains conversion is where we would remove the cold water storage tank and replace with a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) for the cold services and either adapt or replace the hot water storage vessel to an unvented system for the hot services. All you need is the right water pressure.

Hot Water Vessels

Hydraclean Ltd offers a full range of point of use heaters, direct and indirect unvented mains fed heaters.

If you need to achieve good thermal control, installation of a new heater or a replacement water heater, we can supply at a great value price.

Water Booster Sets

Hydraclean Ltd provides servicing, install and repair to all types of water booster sets. We have extensive knowledge of boosted water technology and controls, single or multi pump including PLC and variable speed drives. By analysing fault diagnosis we are able to problem solve any water booster problem.

RPZ Valves

RPZ (reduced pressure zone) valves are used for the prevention of backflow in to the water supply. The valve consists of a differential pressure relief valve, between two independent check valves.

The reduced pressure is guaranteed by a differential pressure relief valve, which automatically relieves excess pressure in the chamber by discharging to a drain. This means RPZ valves can be used to protect up to fluid category 4.

Serviced annually by a specialist accredited engineer as specified by the water board.


A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding. Hydraclean install repair, maintain and service thermostatic mixing valves which should be carried out on an annual basis.

Water Softeners

Water softeners can be designed and installed to meet local water conditions and site needs by experienced engineering staff and followed up with regular servicing to ensure that the system remains effective.

General Plumbing Work

If you are getting reports from site managers and members of staff about things such as faulty taps leaking pipes and failing water heaters then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Not only is Hydraclean experts in domestic and commercial plumbing but we also have decades of experience in preventing the risk of legionella, therefore we are always looking at the most cost effective solutions for our clients whilst keeping them compliant with the various legislation that surrounds it.

Many Legionella Risk Assessments carried out raise design flaws in hot and cold water systems. It is not only the ethos of Hydraclean to engineer these problems out of the system but is also shadowed by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Heatlh (COSHH).

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