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We are approved and accredited to carry out full risk assessments of water treatment systems and to ensure adequate measures are in place to control your risks.

As a member of the Legionella Control Association, we produce high quality professional reports that comply with all regulatory requirements.

Carrying out legionella risk assessments is a core part of your legionella risk control strategy. More importantly, they are compulsory for most public and commercial UK buildings.

Risk assessments give the assurance that the risk from legionella bacteria is minimal, and that the water you provide is clean and safe.

Most need to be assessed for the risk of legionella bacteria. It is the building owner’s responsibility to make sure:
  • The risk assessment is carried out
  • The risk from legionella is minimal and
  • The water system is maintained.
Legionnaires disease is a type of pneumonia, and can be fatal. People catch it when they inhale water containing the legionella bacteria.
Our legionella risk assessment surveys and reports and services will help you achieve full compliance with HSE’s ACOP (L8) document, ‘The Control of Legionnaires Disease in Water Systems’.

Our reports are jargon-free and easy to understand.

Our experienced legionella risk assessors tailor the assessments to your specific needs.

What’s included in a Hydraclean Legionella Risk Assessment?
  • A scored and banded risk assessment
  • A schematic interpretation of the systems
  • Review of management procedures
  • Statement of control
  • Preparation of a scheme to control the risk
  • Recommendations for remedial actions
  • Photographic evidence
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