Safe, clean water in all your buildings

Are your people protected? Could your water hygiene facilities be managed better Does the possible presence of legionella bacteria pose a risk to the buildings you manage?

Hydraclean is a water hygiene specialist, helping you take care of your people and buildings by providing these essential services:

As specialists in water hygiene, regulatory compliance, training and engineering maintenance, we help you control all risks associated with legionella.

Safeguarding your people

As the person in charge, you know it’s essential to keep students, care home residents, staff and tenants protected from the risk of legionella while they live and work in your facilities.

As you know, minimising the risk to the public of catching legionella disease is a legal requirement.

We help building managers, facilities managers, landlords and property agents find better ways to manage water, hygiene and compliance.

Why Hydraclean?

Getting water hygiene right is critical. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend choosing a contractor who you are confident will do the work required to the right standard. As a water hygiene specialist for over 30 years, Hydraclean has the experience, expertise and qualifications to support you.

Water Compliance Online

The Water Compliance Online Portal supports you in keeping your water systems clean and your people safe. It helps you get the job done faster and makes your regulatory obligations easier.