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Water Booster Sets

Water Booster Sets

Typically, water boosters are multi-pump skid-mounted systems. The main use for these sets is to pressurise the water within the mains water network. As a specialist in water hygiene and legionella compliance, we can help you to reduce the risk of contamination within your current systems.

Due to the 1999 water supply regulations, water cannot be fed directly from the mains at more than 12 litres per minute. For this reason buildings with a higher demand for water must feed their mains directly to large tanks for storage.

Within the mains water network, booster sets pump directly from a pressurised main and not the tank. Most booster sets include a backup pump should the main pump fail.

Water booster sets normally consist of:

  • Two or more pumps with variable speed drives
  • Manifolds, valves and expansion vessels
  • A control gear, sensors and a BMS interface system

There are many reasons why you may need to install a water booster set throughout your industrial or residential property. Common causes include:

  • Inadequate pipes- Old piping is typically more narrow than new piping. Due to the sizing, it prevents enough water to travel through the pipes and causes your pressure to drop.
  • Water Quality- Natural minerals such as calcium and iron can cause a buildup in both the pipes and the fittings. By ensuring your water quality is high the likelihood of build-up is reduced significantly.
  • Gravity- As high-rise buildings are becoming a popular construction choice for developers, the need for adequate pressure on top floors is increasing.

The need for a water pressure booster may also arise after the installation of a backflow prevention device as they can cause a loss of 12 PSI within your water flow. However, as they are mandatory throughout the UK in order to protect public water supplies from contamination, water booster sets are the only way around this problem.

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