As a landlord, employer or someone managing a premise, you are responsible for providing safe, clean water in all your buildings. As leading Water Hygiene specialists, we help you to understand the importance of Legionella compliance.

We offer our compliance services to help building and facilities managers in schools, universities, care homes, shopping centres, medical centres, student accommodation and social housing. It is important that you follow and comply with HSE legislation to minimise the risk from Legionella bacteria multiplying in your water systems.

Hydraclean Ltd is a proud member of the Legionella Control Association. We follow their Code of Conduct and are a highly trained team of qualified L8 Risk Assessors and water treatment specialists. We are able to deliver Legionella Compliance training both online and on-site to meet clients’ needs, on a national basis.

Helping to achieve full compliance & Manage Your Water Systems 

To comply with Legionella regulations, employers must identify and assess sources of risk to discover if the water system in place is likely going to lead to the multiplication of Legionella bacteria. High-risk sources include purpose-built water systems, such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold-water systems and spa pools.

We understand the importance of controlling the risks of Legionella. That’s why we help our clients to introduce appropriate measures such as:

  • Prevent outbreaks of Legionella disease in your water systems
  • Control the risk Legionella presents
  • Ensure you comply with Legionella regulations at all times
  • Safeguard your business, people and water supply from contamination

Find out more information and practical guidance on managing and controlling risks within your water systems: Legionnaires’ disease: The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems (L8)

Legionella Compliance - Maintaining Your Water Systems

Every risk management system needs an effective maintenance schedule to track Legionella Compliance to ensure you are adhering to the law. After having identified where the risks lie, our specialist team will help you put a plan into action. It will allow you to test, refurbish, upgrade or renew your water treatment systems which (unless implemented) may fail to provide safe, clean water in your buildings.

Our trained, qualified and certified staff provide independent expert water safety advice and consultancy. If you would like a free quote or more information on how Hydraclean Ltd can help your business with legionella compliance and deal with the risks Legionella presents please fill out the form or call us today.