Clean water is something that everyone takes for granted. However, the risk from Legionella in water systems can be high if correct procedures are not followed. All of our Water Hygiene services and Water Treatment services are designed to meet your specific needs and are implemented to comply with the very latest regulations.

Hydraclean Ltd offers you a tailored, personal and professional compliance and water hygiene service to keep your water clean and your people safe. Ensuring health risks are fully monitored and managed is our number 1 priority.

Our Water Hygiene Services include:

  • Water Monitoring
  • Domestic Water Sampling – UKAS Accredited
  • Clean and Disinfections
  • Service and Maintenance Schedules
  • Control Schemes
  • Ongoing Risk Assessment and Management

At Hydraclean Ltd our Legionella specialists and water hygienists safeguard water systems to ensure that all of our clients are compliant within the HSG274 Part 2 guidelines.   

Chlorine dioxide has been shown to be extremely effective in the control of legionella bacteria in water systems and the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease, as it has been shown to be especially effective at penetrating and killing biofilms and the Legionella bacteria that they harbour.

Chlorine dioxide generators are an efficient way to generate a powerful disinfection agent for use in a wide range of water treatment applications.

Chlorine dioxide is produced by the controlled mixing of hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite. Traditionally, most types of chlorine dioxide generators use chemical dosing pumps to transfer the calculated amount of hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite to a reaction/mixing chamber where the solution is stored ready for dosing.

Hydraclean can offer the below services:

  • Tank or mains fed disinfections of hot & cold water services using chlorine dioxide
  • Installation of automatic chlorine dioxide generators
  • Service of chlorine dioxide generators
  • Monthly chlorine dioxide tests to generator and outlets to ensure the whole system is at correct control levels
  • Supply of all chemicals and equipment

BS 8558 specifies that hot and cold water systems should be cleaned, flushed and disinfected if:

Domestic water sample results indicate contamination of the water system,

Routine inspection of the water storage tanks evidences contamination or stagnation,

The installation or refurbishment of the hot and cold water system,

Indicated by the risk assessment


At Hydraclean Ltd we offer disinfection services to the following:

  • Mains Water
  • CWS Tank’s
  • Showerheads and Hoses
  • Calorifier’s
  • Air Handling Units (AHU’s)

Routine testing of domestic water systems help to determine water quality and ensure that the schemes of control in place are working correctly in helping to prevent potential contamination.

Hydraclean Ltd offer the following domestic water sampling:

  • Legionella
  • TVC @ 22 & 37, E. Coli & Coliforms
  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  • Taste and odour
  • Stenotrophomonas
  • 6 Metals
  • Lead

Samples are sent to an UKAS Accredited laboratory and our clients are kept confidential.

If you are an employer, or someone in control of premises, including landlords, you must understand the health risks associated with Legionella. Risk assessments are compulsory for most public and commercial buildings in the UK and therefore must be carried out thoroughly. They provide you with the evidence that bacterial growth is minimal and that the water you are providing is clean and safe.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends choosing a contractor who you are confident will do the work required to the right standard. As a trusted legionella compliance partner for over 30 years, Hydraclean has the experience, expertise and qualifications to support you.

All our Legionella Risk Assessments are carried out in accordance with L8 and BS 8580-1:2019 and are tailored to include:

  • A scored & banded risk assessment
  • A schematic interpretation of the systems
  • Review of management procedures
  • Statement of control
  • Preparation of a scheme to control the risk
  • Recommendations for remedial actions
  • Photographic Evidence


Although the risk of Legionnaires disease being spread through large-scale water systems cannot be eliminated, the risk associated with the disease can be greatly reduced with a detailed and systematic maintenance schedule. Hydraclean can help you to implement, manage and monitor your water systems ensuring full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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