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Water Treatment

Complete water treatment programmes to keep you compliant with standards & regulations

Comprehensive Water Treatment Services for a range of sectors

Our complete water treatment programmes prevent corrosion, scale and microbiological fouling by analysing your water to ensure your system is compliant with the current standards & regulations and use the correct treatment methods for the conditions of your system.

We have vast experience with various sites and assets and provide support in all aspects of chemical water treatment for industrial, commercial and leisure water systems, including:

  • Steam Boilers
  • LPHW Systems
  • Chilled Systems
  • Swimming pools / Spa baths
  • Water features

Bespoke Water Treatment Services

Bespoke treatments can be developed to meet your requirements and Hydraclean can supply the relevant chemicals and equipment to ensure your system runs as efficiently as possible.

An effective closed system water treatment programme can prolong system life and ensure it is running as efficiently as possible, saving significant costs long term.

We sample and analyse your closed water systems for compliance with BS 8552 and BG50.

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) Section 2 requires employees to ensure plant and equipment is safe and without risks, this means that there is a responsibility to ensure there is no risk of infection from the pool water, or from any other system on the premises.

Regular testing of pool and spa facilities is required to ensure the safety of swimmers visiting your premises and it also plays an important role in protecting the infrastructure of your pool. Effective water management enables the optimism of your treatment plan, maintaining water balance and disinfection control.

Daily pool water testing is required to effectively monitor pH levels and disinfectant residuals such as chlorine and bromine, to prevent chemical irritation for swimmers. To maintain water quality, weekly tests must also be carried out to test parameters such as alkalinity, total dissolved solids, calcium hardness and water balance.

To eliminate the risk of recreational water illnesses, microbiological pool and spa tests must be done at least monthly. Microbiological testing is critical in stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Poor maintenance of any boiler results in scale formation and corrosion. This will affect efficiency, and increase energy consumption leading to shorter plant life.

We supply and maintain systems to BS2486.

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