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Advice to Buildings and Schools for Partial or Full Closure During COVID-19

As the UK enters a 3rd lockdown during COVID-19, buildings such as office blocks and other occupancy buildings are or will soon be having to operate at a much lower occupancy than normal, whilst trying to maintain safe and compliant water services for the building users that remain. In the event of a building being effectively unused, we still recommend the systems are maintained as below to ensure they remain safe and biofilm formation is controlled.

Hydraclean Ltd recommend the following action is taken to ensure water quality and systems are maintained in a safe condition and will be ready and safe for use when the building use can return to normal:

  • Ensure weekly flushing of all little used outlets is maintained. This can be further assisted by draining and refilling any CWS tanks that feed these outlets, before the flushing works to ensure fresh water is drawn through the system. Mains fed systems should be flushed until the outlets are within 2°C of the incoming mains/ nearest tap after 2 minutes of running.
  • When flushing showers do so with the spray heads/ spray inserts removed to increase flow and reduce aerosols.
  • Continue to operate hot water cylinders as normal and ensure that secondary circulation is running.
  • Continue with normal monitoring routines and if microbiological results are elevated, then review the above control measures.

In certain buildings, the decision may be taken to mothball the water services completely. Hydraclean Ltd can assist with this by advising on dosing of systems and re-commissioning systems safely.

COVID-19 Policy – Legionella Log Books

Hydraclean Ltd are committed to ensuring that we continue to meet Government guidelines around COVID-19 and maintain safe working conditions for our employees, whilst also protecting our clients and the general public during this pandemic. We continue to keep up-to-date with the latest recommendations and are ready to adapt our working practices and processes when needed.

As a result of this and reviewing working practices, we have identified that maintaining paper copies of log books increases the risk to our employees and site staff from potentially passing on COVID-19 due to multiple contacts and handing them.

Hydraclean Ltd have designed a fully functioning electronic reporting system and client portal which acts as a Legionella log book, Delta Compliance Online. This system also helps further meet the desire to restrict unnecessary travel by allowing full audits to be undertaken remotely, with all information required readily available.

As a result of the above review, we have taken the decision not to support log books for any clients unless we receive a specific instruction to continue to maintain them.

The following support will be available for clients:

  • Free training on the use of the client portal
  • Automatic emailing of all work reports and certificates for up to 4 contacts per site
  • Simple view of visit schedule and faults with client updates and fault management
  • Free access to add records of temperature checks and weekly flushing records
  • Option to use client app to automatically add temperatures and flushing records
  • Ability to download all documents for local storage/ record keeping
  • Free technical support

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