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The experience and expertise to supply and install bespoke water systems on a nationwide basis

The experience and expertise to supply and install bespoke water systems on a nationwide basis

The Hydraclean Engineering Division has been providing Water Hygiene services and installing and maintaining cold water storage tanks and other water engineered equipment since the 1990s. We are leading experts in Legionella Control, Water Hygiene & Engineering Solutions.

With over 50 years of industry knowledge, our experienced engineers supply and install bespoke water systems on a nationwide basis. Our certified engineers are specialists within their field and are proud of our reputation to deliver a quality Water Hygiene and Treatment service.

Bespoke Water Engineering Solutions

Hydraclean Ltd is recognised as one of the UK’s leading Water Treatment companies. We work alongside consultants and contractors to ensure the perfect solution is designed, implemented and maintained to suit your business’s needs.

We are proud to provide bespoke solutions to our clients – no challenge too big!

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Cold Water Tanks

At Hydraclean we specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of Cold Water Storage. We can help to reduce the risk of Legionella growth, and therefore protect your clients, staff and company.

Hot & Cold Mains Conversions

Water mains conversions solve energy efficiency, storage and space problems as well as reducing the risk of stagnation. Switching away from a cold water storage tank has a range of advantages.

Hot Water Vessels

We can supply equipment to fit a wide range of industrial water heating applications, using equipment designed and built to be compliant with regulations.

Water Booster Sets

Our experienced and dedicated team have extensive knowledge throughout water technology and are able to analyse and diagnose any water booster problems you may be facing.

RPZ Valves

Reduced pressure zone valves are one of the safest and most reliable valves for preventing backflow. They protect the mains water supply and drinking network from contamination caused by back pressure and siphonage.


Hydraclean install repair, maintain and service thermostatic mixing valves, ensuring that you get a consistent and safe temperature from your shower and bath outlets.

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